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What's the origin of the word "muumuu"?

: muumuu

Why: I just saw someone else spell it "moo moo." On TresSugar "Group Therapy":
I hate clothes shopping because they don't make clothes for short fat women, unless it's a moo moo.
Answer: It's Hawaiian! And it's ca-razy!
The word mu'umu'u means "amputated" in Hawaiian, and relates to the effects of Hansen's Disease (aka leprosy) during the Hawaiian missionary period (1780s-1920s).

Originally it was a shorter, informal version of the more formal holokū., the original name for the Mother Hubbard dress introduced by missionaries to Hawaii in the 1820s. The holokū featured long sleeves and a floor-length unfitted dress falling from a high-necked yoke. Over the years, the holokū approximated more closely to European and American fashions. It might have a fitted waist, and even a train for evening. As the holokū became more elaborate, the muumuu, a shortened version, became popular for informal wear.
Source: Wikipedia

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