Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

What's the difference between marsala and masala?

: chicken marsala masala

Why: Summer said she was eating Marsala Curry, but then she said it was from this jar:
Due to confusion about what the hell mar/sala is, I have avoided foods labeled with either word all my life.

: One is Italian, and one is Indian!
  • Chicken Marsala is Italian and made with wine that comes from the Sicilian city Marsala
  • Chicken Masala is Indian, made with a masala, "mixture" of spices -n- shit.
Source: Yahoo! Answers

The More You Know: Marsala wine is also used in some rich Italian desserts, like shortcake, tiramisu, and zabaglione, which I will be eating as soon as possible. Guys, I love custard.

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