Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

I want to see a picture of a gnudi

: gnudi

Why: On "The 10 Types of Pasta You Should Know How to Pronounce" on Lemondrop:
One more related pasta, for extra credit: gnudi (nyOO-dee), which comes from the word for nude and means "nude dumpling." The pasta is a ricotta ravioli with no pasta on the outside. (This does beg the question of what, exactly, defines a pasta, but as we found out, that's a whole different blog post ...)
That sounds so good.

: Omg.
Source: Google Images

The More You Know: Is it pasta? I don't think so:
pasta n. Any of a variety of edible unleavened doughey preparations made from flour, eggs and water, originating in Italy, and shaped into various forms, such as solid strings (as spaghetti), hollow tubes, or layered squares (ravioli). They may be mixed with various sauces, often having a tomato base, or filled with meat or cheese fillings.
Although according to this recipe, gnudi does have egg and a little flour in it. Make it tonight!

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