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Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland California

^Allan Ferguson
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Skidmore, Owings and Merrill designed the Cathedral of Light, which opened in 2008.

A symbol of spiritual and civic renewal in the troubled city Oakland, the building seeks a sense of permanency with a stone foundation and inclusiveness with soaring curved glass. In the heart of downtown, the evocative form gives a very transparent connection of inside and outside, inviting people inside. The use of wood for structure gives a humble tone, something which is sorely needed in this sometimes offish building.

The concrete blocks and gridded glass certainly fits into the context, but curved with a dynamism that sucks you inside. The large font is an interesting element, perhaps connecting the experience back to nearby Lake Merritt. Sustainability was key throughout this design.

Natural daylight was carefully crafted through the windows to provide special artistic elements, such as the Omega Window. The structure is also supposedly beefed up. The last cathedral was unusable after the 1989 earthquake.

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