Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Kranhäuser Rheinauhafen, Cologne Germany

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Bothe Richter Teherani BRT designed the Kranhaus complex ("crane house") on the Rhine river in Köln. The 60 m height adds some competition to the soaring Cologne cathedral nearby. As I understand it, German law forbids new structures from rising taller than cathedrals however.

Inspired from the industrial, the L-shaped building devotes one vertical bar to circulation. This opens up the ground level to some interesting urban space. The form is entirely reminiscent of industrial port cranes, appropriate for the site squeezed between the river and a canal.

German designers often leave old railroad tracks in the ground as a reminder of the foundation of old industry. These three hochhäuser apartment buildings have been lauded for their fire safety measures.
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- flickr/cc license

- flickr/cc license

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