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Schlossberg, Graz Austria

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Der Grazer Schloßberg castle in Graz Austria was built in the 10th century atop a fortified hill in the center of the city. Napoleonic forces destroyed whatever wasn't paid for by the town's citizens.

Baron Ludwig von Welden converted the site into a park in 1839, which now has a clock tower, cafes, a hilltop restaurant, the Turkish Well, and lavish gardens. Like many of Germany's large castles, it is a place of tourism and concerts. A railway and a funicular elevator now lifts people to the top.

Tunnels were dug during World War 2 to protect the people from air raids. The modernist icon Mur Island stands just below this ancient edifice.

Video: Tunnels , Clocktower and gardens , Ride up
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- flickr/cc license

- flickr/cc license

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