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InterActiveCorp IAC Headquarters, Chelsea New York

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Frank Gehry designed the IAC Headquarters in New York, completed in 2007.

The building's form is rather tame for Frank Gehry, especially as Richard Meier projects and a Jean Nouvel project rose nearby. The blocky buildings in the context are beaten into curves, and layers rise vertically like a skyscraper. The violence of the city has made its impression and smoothed over the rough edges like a stone in a river.

The small modular and organic composition of the building reminds one of a beehive, a historically inspirational form for such buildings as the Capital building. It portrays industry, hard work, and single purpose.

A 118 ft wall in the lobby flashes changing videos, displaying the company's leadership in media technology. The interior takes on a very office-building form, with white walls and ceilings and pillars.

Video: Outside , Lobby , 7th floor
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