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2009 US Open Winner – Super Mom- Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters and her little girl Jada Kim Clijsters entered the U.S. Open as an unseeded wild card entry and had played in only a few tournaments before arriving at Flushing Meadows, Clijsters had performed well, especially against top 20 players. Clijsters had to get through both Williams sisters as well as two other top 20 seeded players. After taking a two-and-a-half year baby break, Belgian tennis ace Kim Clijsters  has capped an incredible comeback to competitive tennis by winning her second US Open title. Clijsters is 26 years old, not that young by tennis’ standards but still young enough to make it back to the top. However, going back to professional tennis after childbirth is not easy.

Cradling the US Open trophy in one arm and 18-month-old daughter Jada Ella in the other, Clijsters says she's proud if she's provided a message for mothers the world around with her astonishing feat in New York.Kim Clijsters, known for being one of the nicest players on tour, held her trophy in one hand and her daughter, Jada, in the other.Four years after Clijsters won her first and only grand slam tournament at the U.S. Open, she was back to reclaim her glory with husband and daughter in tow.

After her win, the first for a mother at a Grand Slam event in 29 years, Kim said,

“I really believe anything is possible but it is a family affair. I also need help from family and people around me but it’s a great feeling to know that I can combine the sport that I love but also be a mum as well — it’s great.”

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