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Museum Of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki Finland

^Jorge Lascar
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Steven Holl designed the Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma. Holl is a suitable architect for Finnish taste- clean, neat, and as much sunlight as possible.

Holl uses the golden mean, human proportions, as a beginning point and adds layers of complex geometry generated from the city's surrounding landscape. Similarly to his St. Ignatius Chapel, a spiritual atmosphere is achieved with sunlight filling minimalist, white plastered space. He also involves water in this design as well, with the views and sounds of ponds engaging the visitor.

The soft curves of this pure space, and zinc exterior cladding bring a balance in material texture. Red wood and large areas of glazing further bring complexity. Masterful circulation and utilized sunlight creates a space that is both comfortable and startling.

It opened in 1998, and received the 1999 National AIA Design Award.

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