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Finding Nemo: The History for Kids Parties

Finding Nemo was inspired by a combination of a trip to an aquarium, memories of growing up by the ocean, and the writer’s own experience of parenting challenges. Finding Nemo tells the story of life in the Great Barrier Reef, and how Marlin a widowed clownfish parent sees his son (Nemo), get scooped up by a diver that requires him to go searching for him. Marlin feels he has to go after Nemo, not only because he is the only remaining child Marlin has, because Marlin is a big overbearing. Marlin realizes that Nemo has a deformity, known in the film as the Lucky fin, and that others can be mean to Nemo because of it.

Nemo, because he wants to be accepted by his schoolmates, tends to rebel against his father’s wishes. It is during one of these rebellious moments that Nemo gets himself scooped up and the adventure of Finding Nemo has begun. Marlin teams up with Dory, the forgetful sidekick who helps Marlin accomplish the ultimate rescue of Nemo, but not until after both Nemo and Marlin have some pretty wild adventures. The storyline of Finding Nemo is good for children to view because it affirms the importance of listening to parents and authority figure. In addition, the studio made a concerted effort to keep the basics surrounding the ocean life and fish characteristics as close to realistic so as to make Finding Nemo a good learning experience for children to experience.

In 2003, when it was released Finding Nemo became a huge hit, grossing over three-quarters of a billion dollars. In addition, Finding Nemo won Oscars for the best animated film and had three additional Oscar nominations. The company that produced Finding Nemo, Pixar, sold the movie to Disney studios. There are many rumors that a sequel will eventually be released. Meanwhile, kids and parents today still can’t get enough of the cute little clownfish, making a Finding Nemo party an excellent choice.

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