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Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore, Maastricht Netherlands

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Merkx+Girod converted the 13th century Dominican Church in Maastricht Netherlands into the Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen, which won the 2007 Lensvelt de Architect Interior Prize.

This rebuild retains the large central nave space through the cathedral. Three levels of black shelves help point the eye vertically, yet stand asymmetrically in the bays. The smaller chapels contain children's books, cook books, and so forth. The main apse is a quiet reading room, with personal lighting next to comfortable couches and enormous windows above.

The dark modern installations and solemn lighting establish an interesting commercial space that reverences the building's 800 year history. It also gleans 1,200 sq m of space in 750 sq m of floorplan.

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